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Big Country Trading Post is proud to offer our “Wildlife Art” in antler products that are hand crafted from “naturally shed” white tail deer, mule deer, elk, moose, fallow deer antlers. Our chandeliers are beautifully and structurally designed to bring you years of enjoyment.   Our pieces are artistically balanced and skillfully crafted by one of the finest “Wildlife Antler” artist in the world “Jeff Musgrave”.
Jeff Musgrave has 10 years of personal experience as an industry leader in the antler chandelier and accessories art world. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted. He has had his chandeliers shipped to Japan, Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia, and more. 
   Over the years Jeff has designed 100's of new styles and created millions of dollars in sold artwork. As the lead artist, Jeff helped build a business that was untouched by its competition in quality and style. Jeff’s artwork incorporates     antique pieces, furniture, antlers, lights, and other natural items native to Colorado
          All of our artists and craftsmen share a love for the Rocky Mountain wilderness and are dedicated to create each piece with great pride and artistry.  Our products are long lasting family heir looms. Meticulous care has been taken with each and every antler shed during the construction phase to insure the right piece is used to bring out the beauty of the piece.  Because they are natural sheds, each antler piece will be unique and will create a warm atmosphere in any room.
Unlike some antler companies that use center hubs made of Bondo, resin, Styrofoam or putty; or companies that have exposed wiring (all of which we feel takes away from the natural beauty of the piece); Peak Antler pieces have all internal wiring, UL listed, and we do not use a central wiring hub. All of our master artists pay attention to detail to insure the highest quality available on the market today.
All our antler products are made out of the best “sheds” that can be found from the United States and some shipped in from around the world.

God Bless

Ed O'Sullivan

Chandeliers | Other Lighting | Furniture | Home

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