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Field Tested And Approved
by Western Hunter Magazine

" Every Hunter should have one for safety's sake" --Steve Hunter

"Safety is almost a non-issue with use of this product as the barrel is always pointing up and the trigger is guarded by your back"-- Guns and Gear Magazine

"It helps to prevent shoulder fatigue and allows quick and easy access. I used the Gunslinger Corral on a recent hunt and was really pleased by the way it held my rifle and allowed me to keep my hands free." --Gary Howey, Outdoor Columnist

"It feels natural and second nature, every shooter should have one on their belt."-- Brett Gesh, Alaskan Bite Finders

"The Gunslinger could ease the burden of packing a muzzleloader around just as it does for my bolt action rifle. It's a clever and impressive hunting devise."-
-Outdoor Observations by Dick Hess

4 STAR Rating at the Hunting Trail

"I have found this rifle holster to be lighter and more convenient than all 8 different accessories that I already have in carrying a rifle. It is important for me to carry a rifle at all times when I hunt with a bow, blackpowder and fish. I hunt South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada and the States. Many times I have encountered dangerous game that I needed a rifle to protect myself.
This is why I feel this new rifle holster gives me the ability to hunt dangerous game with bow or black powder in total safety since it is very comfortable and fast to use." -- L. Weigle, Big Game Hunter


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