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Reclaimed Woods

Centennial Woods reclaimed Wyoming snowfence is naturally dried for decades by one of the state’s greatest natural resources: the Wyoming wind.

Combined with the open skies, clean air, intense sun and extreme winters, it’s a legendary force of nature found only in the Cowboy State, and it produces an intensely beautiful, perfectly dried, strong and true reclaimed board. Customers like Whole Foods Markets, Bass Pro Shops, Red Lobster, Chevy’s Restaurants and numerous residential builders have used centennial woods’ reclaimed boards to add texture, beauty and a natural ambiance to architecturally diverse spaces around the globe.

Eco-friendly builders and developers have also taken to our reclaimed Wyoming snowfence: in 2007 & 2008, Ken Pieper & Associates and Associates 3, respectively, selected Centennial Woods reclaimed Wyoming snowfence for the annual Mountain Living Natural Dream Home in Colorado. In 2008, The EcoBuilders and Whisper Mountain Homes also selected Centennial Woods reclaimed snowfence for the Southern Living Idea House in North Carolina. No matter your purpose or project, Centennial Woods reclaimed Wyoming snowfence will add depth, story and a natural touch to your space.


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