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Centennial Woods reclaims snowfence face boards for your use in exterior and interior applications. The architecture of a snowfence keeps these face boards well above the ground during their decades of service. The harsh Wyoming wind, cold and low humidity provide a perfect kiln for the untreated boards. These conditions result in a beautifully weathered, high integrity product unaffected by ground moisture and bugs and chemical-free for your immediate, safe use.

All products available in their natural weathered grey state complete with nailheads, and they can be used on exterior applications with no stain or other treatment. Alternately, products are available de-metaled and surfaced to reveal beautiful wood patina or milled to fit your shiplap, tongue and groove or other application needs.

inally, we sell reclaimed weathered wood. While our wood has remarkably high physical integrity when compared to barn wood and most other reclaimed products, it does contain checks, marks, knotholes, nail heads, and color variations, as well as the occasional warping typical of lumber. Please allow for these natural variations when planning the take-off for your application, especially if your design involves clean, straight lines and highly consistent coloring.





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