Essential Equipment for Rifle Hunters

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Rifle Gear

TrailMax Guardian Rifle Scabbard

This innovative rifle scabbard works great on horses, ATV’s or as a durable carrying case. Fits all sizes of scopes and barrel lengths. Constructed of high-density foam and covered by a tough cordura outer shell, this scabbard protects your rifle from the abuse and elements of the hunt.

  • For quick removal of your rifle, either zip or buckle the easy access scabbard flap.
  • Handy outside pocket carries ammo and other necessities
  • Inside flap has a cleaning cloth to keep your rifle dry
  • Guaranteed to be the toughest rifle case on the market today


Shipping Weight: 8lbs

Shooting Stix

Don’t miss that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because your heart is pounding, you’re gasping for air and you just can’t hold steady! Well, REST easy because here’s the solution you’ve been looking for. If you’re interested in shooting better, more consistently, with more confidence, and having the edge when the chips are down, a pair of Shooting Stix should be a top priority on your gear list.

Underwood Rests are the lightest, most compact professional shooting rest on the market today. Each set comes packaged in a durable sheath that allows for one-handed removal and quick set up. They literally assemble themselves. They can be threaded onto your belt or attached to your pack. Just aim and shoot!

  • Lightweight, compact and can be used with both rifles and pistols
  • Great for quiet, fast set ups and follow up shots
  • Shooting Stix have inner shock cord, so when pulled out of pouch they instantly assemble themselves
  • Specifically designed to absorb the shock of the recoil onto the padded portion of the rest
  • Free of sharp surfaces, angles, or corners that could damage the firearm

$39.99 - 74.99

Smoke in a Bottle

The Ultimate Windage Detector Keeping the wind in your face is the secret to any successful hunt! Even the slightest breeze can carry your human scent directly to the animals you're hunting. This odorless powder allows you to instantly detect the directional flow of even the slightest air current. Just squeeze the bottle gently and a column of smoke will drift upward from the tip alerting you to any change.


Shipping Weight: 0.25lbs

Hunter's Seat Pad

A majority of your time hunting is spent sitting down and glassing for hours. So why not be comfortable with the Hunters Seat Pad?
Stay warm, dry and comfortable whether your hunting in cold, wet weather or sharp, rocky conditions. Convenient built in Shooting Stix Sheath, this pad is small, lightweight and very handy to have on your hunt. It folds up and tucks underneath your Crooked Horn daypacks or wear it on your belt for easy access.

Folded 5"w x 16"h
Laid Out: 18"w x 16"h


Shipping Weight: 1lbs

Magnum Ammo Pouch

Keep Extra Ammo Handy! The Ammo Pouch is constructed of BuckSuede fabric and is guaranteed to be soft, quiet and durable. Simply the best way to carry your ammo in the field.
  • Holds 10 extra cartridges at your fingertips
  • Designed for 30.06 up to Super Magnum caliber cartridges
  • Keeps ammo dry and secure
  • Secret pocket to store hunting license, etc…
  • Fits any 2” belt


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