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Slide & Flex Bino System
Are your binoculars a pain in the neck? We have the solution! Introducing the Slide and Flex Bino-System designed to use your shoulders instead of your neck to support the weight of the binoculars. Eliminating all neck fatigue!

  • Elastic Straps allow the binoculars to slide up and flex out when in use
  • Keeps binoculars secure yet readily available for the sportsman who needs to stay mobile
  • The binoculars rest securely on the chest preventing them from bouncing around when walking or riding horses
  • Works for all sizes of binoculars, cameras and range finders, and is fully adjustable
  • Leather embossed patch is stamped with wildlife art on the four point adjuster positioned on the back side
  • The quick release hooks allow for easy removal of the binoculars

$19.99 - 24.99

Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs

Shipping Weight: 2lbs
Spotting Scope /Tripod Carrier
Today’s hunter is more critical than ever field judging trophy animals. Spotting scopes have become an essential piece of equipment for big game hunting. Transporting your spotting scope and tripod into the field can be a difficult task. AT LAST our innovative, new Spotting Scope Tripod Carrier offers the sportsman a comfortable way to carry his scope and access it with ease.
  • Keeps your spotting scope and tripod conveniently together yet can be separated and set up with the press of a couple quick release buckles
  • Three ways you can carry your Spotting Scope Tripod Carrier: By the leather handle, shoulder strap or lash it to your favorite pack frame
  • Spotting Scope protective sleeve is constructed from a variety of materials: The sleeve interior is a combination of foam and plastic, the exterior is made of water-repellent Buck Suede or Cordura and has a handy zipper on the end with leather pull for quick access
  • The convenient tripod wrap is adjustable to securely hold your tripod in place
  • Constructed from water resistant Buck Suede in Realtree X-Tra Brown or Cordura in Forest Green

Available in three sizes:

  • Small 14.5” long
  • Medium 16" long
  • Large 20” long


Swarovski Optics
High quality optics are a must for field judging trophy animals. Swarovski binoculars and scopes allow a hunter to recognize even the smallest details at long range and under low lighting conditions.

Binoculars: (above)
The Swarovski SLC and EL models have become the #1 binoculars among serious hunters. In most hunting camps, the hunter as well as their guides are using either the 10 x 42 or 10 x 50 SLC or EL binoculars. Reward yourself by spotting the elusive game more often and quicker then ever with top quality glasses.

Spotting Scopes:
You long-awaited big game hunt is not the time to skimp on optics. When looking through Swarovski spotting scopes at big game you will notice what counts most: rack size, mass, and width as well as how many points it has. Ask any hunter that owns one and they will tell you that these spotting scopes are the best.

Rifle Scopes: (below)
Get the most out of your weapon – install a Swarovski rifle scope on your gun and discover the difference. Dependable and tough scopes that provide exceptional clarity at prime hunting times. Also waterproof and fog-proof. Swarovski rifle scopes are second to none.

Top quality optics at exceptional prices.


Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs

Ultimate Lens Cloth

Having dirty optics or eyeglasses won’t make locating that trophy any easier. Using your T-shirt or tissue can be abrasive to your binoculars so Crooked Horn Outfitters has introduced the “SPUDZ” Ultimate Lens Cleaning Cloth. It comes in its own stuff sack with a hook on it so you can attach it anywhere and it won’t get lost. Just pull out of tiny sack when needed and tuck back in when your optics are clean.


Zeiss Optics
High quality optics are a must for field judging trophy animals. Zeiss' binoculars and scopes allow a hunter to recognize even the smallest details at long range and under low lighting conditions.

Carl Zeiss proudly present the new Victory 10x40 B T binocular generation. The goal of the development was to create light and compact binoculars that would provide superior image quality and, depending on the model, optimum twilight performance - in short, binoculars with a high degree of functionality for every kind of user and a very good cost/benefit ratio.

Typical advantages of Zeiss pocket binoculars:

  • handy, small and lightweight, with unique folding mechanism
  • splash-proof, protected against penetration of dust and moisture
  • internal focusing
  • high eyepoint eyepiece with and without glasses, full field of view

The new Zeiss Varipoint VM/V 1.1-4x24 Riflescope

This new high-tech riflescope is the pinnacle of innovation from Carl Zeiss. Especially designed for running shots and hunting in heavy brush, the Varipoint VM/V 1.1x24 T is extremely light and compact, and ideal for the safari rifles. At 108ft/100yds it currently provides the widest field of view for lower powered variable scopes. At 1.1 power, this scope allows precise split-second aiming with both eyes open.


Protect your binoculars from the harsh elements.

  • Perfect companion to the Bino-System but will work with a traditional neck strap, as well
  • Holds your binoculars tight to your chest. No more bouncing around
  • Cover and uncover your binoculars with ease
  • Simply wrap the elastic strap around your body and buckle it, then slip your binoculars into the Bino Shield as they hang from your existing harness or neck strap
  • The best way to keep your binoculars clean and dry
  • Handy zippered pocket is great for holding; licenses, calls, rangefinder, Bino-System, etc…
  • Doubles as a carrying case for your binoculars when not being worn
  • Small 5"H x 5"W
  • Medium 7"H x 6"W (Will fit most popular size optics)
  • Large 9"H x 8"W

Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs

Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs

Protective Binocular Case

Protect your investment by storing you valuable binoculars in our multi-pocketed optic case. Constructed from BuckSuede and laminated to foam for padding, you can be sure your optics will be protected from water and the elements of being outdoors.

  • Comes with a 2” loop that fits most belts, and a unique buckle that can be operated with only one finger.
  • 9"H x 6.5" x 2.25"D
Proudly Made in the USA and Fully Guaranteed



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