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Game & Gear DVD
Volume I

FAIR CHASE Open Range Hunts in the West.

Join Lennis and Danell Janzen, owners of Crooked Horn Outfitters as they hunt the west with Eastmans Journal, Majestic Outdoors, Christensen Arms and many more on fair chase adventures. Learn the benefits of using specialized hunting equipment as each product is demonstrated in actual hunting situations. Be a part of the hunt as Lennis takes a B&C Antelope in New Mexico, Alaskan Brown Bear, and later teams up with Danell in Wyoming for an exciting Mule Deer and Whitetail hunt, plus many more….

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Hunter's Seat Pad

A majority of your time hunting is spent sitting down and glassing for hours. So why not be comfortable with the Hunters Seat Pad?
Stay warm, dry and comfortable whether your hunting in cold, wet weather or sharp, rocky conditions. Convenient built in Shooting Stix Sheath, this pad is small, lightweight and very handy to have on your hunt. It folds up and tucks underneath your Crooked Horn daypacks or wear it on your belt for easy access.

Folded 5"w x 16"h
Laid Out: 18"w x 16"h


Shipping Weight: 1lbs

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