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The dust has just settled on the streets of Laredo. A man lies on the ground and a tall gringo, dresses in black from head-to-toe, walks away with his Schofield still breathing the smoke of death. The gunslinger makes his way slowly towards a very small one-door leather shop and ask for Don Rodolfo Lozano. Don Rodolfo, still trembling in fear from the gunfight he just witnessed on the main street of Laredo, replies in a broken voice, "Digame Señor." The gunslinger looks Don Rodolfo Lozano straight in the eyes and says, "I am told you are the best man in the gunleather business here in Texas!"
Don Rodolfo, looking fearful replies with a Mexican accent, "That's what my clients say." The tall gringo then asks Don Rodolfo to make a custom rig for his Schofield.

This may sound like the script from a movie, but it is what has been happening with the Lozano family for generations. Today, Rudy Lozano is the owner and Master Craftsman for Black Hills Leather, and he continues the Lozano family's tradition at 410 W. Aurora Street in Laredo, Texas.
Rudy serves the gunslingers of today- cowboy shooters and all those interested in quality leather for their six-guns. Rudy Lozano's Black Hills Leather is a name the is synonymous with gunleather quality, for in each of his rigs you find the nostalgia, romance, and realism of the immortal American cowboy.

Bullet loops are added to the belt


Tooling is completed


Billets are stiched on the belt


The holster is sewn together
Each holster is molded to each specific sixgun


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